Termites Costa Mesa

Why You Need a Termite Inspection Before You Buy a Home

Buying a home is a dream come true for most people. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that you’ve made it and choosing your home is exciting. However, there are a number of problems that can quickly diminish the happiness of that new home purchase. Among them, termites are a cause for concern.

Termites are small, winged insects that feed off cellulose that is found inside of dead wood. Your home is built from wood and is therefore in danger of termites. An infestation of these insects can quickly damage a home and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages very quickly. In fact, in just two short years, termites can destroy the home!

Do I Have Termites?

There are many signs that indicate a problem with termites. Do not ignore these signs and hope they’ll go away. The issues won’t go away without help from professional. In fact, they’ll only worsen in time. The sooner that you respond to the termite problem the better and the fewer problems you will experience.

Signs of termites include:

Termites Costa Mesa

·    Hollowed out wood

·    Swarms of termites near your home (Most common during the spring and/or fall)

·    Mud tubes

When you have a Termites Costa Mesa inspection performed from a professional, you learn firsthand if termites are a problem that you should concern yourself with, if there is already damage, and the extent of that damage. The information that a professional reveals via a home inspection can provide the peace of mind and assurance in the home purchase or save you from considerable trouble.

Home Termite Inspection Costs

How much money should you expect to fork over? The cost of the inspection varies, but it is always reasonably priced. The average cost for the inspection is between $150 – $300. It is safe to say that the termites Costa Mesa inspection is money well-spent since it gives you peace of mind and assurance in the money that you are spending on your home. Do not buy a home before you perform this inspection!

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